PLUSPOINT Die cast Metal Excavator Construction Vehicle with All Moving Parts Friction Powered Inertia Toys Pretend Play Toy Trucks Building Vehicles for Kids 3 Years



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Price: ₹999 - ₹560.00
(as of Jan 16, 2024 03:04:04 UTC – Details)

The friction powered excavator toy is an exciting and interactive playtime companion for young children who are fascinated by construction vehicles. This toy is designed to mimic the appearance and functionality of a real excavator, providing kids with a realistic and immersive experience.
Friction-Powered Mechanism: The toy operates without the need for batteries or external power sources. By simply pushing the toy forward or backward, the friction generated between the wheels and the surface propels the excavator toy, mimicking the movement of a real excavator.
Durable and Safe: The excavator toy is made from durable and child-safe materials, ensuring its longevity and safety during play. It is designed to withstand rough handling and is free from any harmful substances.
Movable Parts: The toy features movable parts, such as a raised and lowered arm and a tilting and scooping bucket. These movable parts allow children to engage in imaginative play scenarios and manipulate the toy with ease.
Development of Motor Skills: Playing with the excavator toy promotes the development of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as children maneuver the various parts and control the movement of the toy.
Imaginative Play: The toy encourages imaginative play, as children can create their own construction sites and engage in pretend play scenarios. This fosters creativity and storytelling skills.
Long-lasting Entertainment: With its durable construction and engaging features, the friction powered excavator toy offers long-lasting entertainment for children. It is a toy that can be enjoyed repeatedly, providing ongoing fun and play value.

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