CUTEPIE Soft Toy Pack of 5 Elegant Soft Toys Combo Set Elephant (25cm), Tiger (30cm), Panda (25cm), Monkey (25cm) Teddy Bear (Red) (3 Ft) for Kids || Stuffed Animals



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Price: ₹1,499 - ₹899.00
(as of Jan 16, 2024 03:06:44 UTC – Details)

CUTEPIE ♥️Delight your little ones this year by presenting them with an adorable soft toy. ♥️This soft toy into their bedroom will give them endless hours of fun-filled playtime. ♥️Crafted with perfection using the finest materials. ♥️Features Non-toxic and soft fabric Soft and Cuddly filling , soft fabric teddy bear cartoon figure accessories teddy bear for someone special like your kiddo’s ,girlfriend,boyfriend and family members. Provides Comfort : ♥️Having your favourite stuffed toy by your side can be a source of comfort for little ones when they find themselves in unfamiliar environments. Enhances Sensory Skills : ♥️Young children are drawn to the cuddly softness offered by stuffed toys as well as the colours. Being exposed to such things allow children to develop sensory skills of sight and touch as they snuggle up with their furry friends. Builds Confidence : ♥️often see toddlers interacting with their soft toys like they are real people. This allows them to practice their social skills and helps raise their confidence when it comes to interacting with their peers in an effective way. Can Help Them Express Themselves Better : ♥️Kids are often seen talking to their soft toy companions. This is an excellent form of self-expression and can help with socialisation. Introverted children, especially, find that having soft toys help them open up and interact socially. ♥️soft toys for girls/soft toys for boys/soft toys for babies/soft toys combo/soft toys for new born baby/animals soft toys for kids set zoo/animals soft toys combo/animals toy figure/stuff toys for girls big size/stuff soft toys teddy bear/kids soft toys for girls 6-12 months/soft toys for baby boy for playing toy 6 months
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Soft plush, light weighted, attractive and huggable body. Perfect bed companion toy for kids sleeping. Smaller sized plush animals are in a bigger demand than large ones.
It is a great option for occasional and thanksgiving gifts for your children or your friends who have a kid. A spacious compartment will make your child independent.

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