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Cloud Games has always been quite a popular category on our website, and we have always been very happy to bring you new and interesting games in it, which is what we are doing right here and now as well, when all of you get the chance of having fun with the game called Pingu and Friends, a game none of you should miss out on, since if you do, then you are only missing out on the chance to have fun, and why would you do so? We will teach you how the game works here, so read this and then let the fun begin immediately after! You tap to jump at the right moment so that you land on the platforms that are coming from the left and right sides of the game screen, and then they stop. Jump from platform to platform so that you reach higher and higher, and each time that you reach an egg, you transform into another bird. The platforms can move and fall down, and if that happens you lose, which also happens if you fail to jump on either of the platforms. Also, try hard to get as higher as possible, because the more you go, the bigger your score gets, and everyone wants a big one, right? Good luck, and enjoy!

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