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Correct Path is the second game belonging to the Cloud Games category that we promised you all we would bring you today on our website for free, so you really have no excuse at all not to check it out, since we have made sure to keep our promise, and if we did so, it would mean the world to us if you checked out this game, even more so for you, because we know from our own experience with it how much fun can be had by playing it. Want to know more about that? Then make sure to read this to the end before you begin! Your goal in each level is to advance and find the correct path between the multiple ones given to you, in order to reach the egg at the end, because only by doing so will you advance to the next level. If you mess up and choose a wrong path, you will fall, and then restart the level, so next time, choose the correct one. Watch out for monsters that might appear in further levels. Also, you will move using the right and left arrows, and you will use the up one to jump. Good luck, enjoy, and don’t leave, since we have some more great games in store for you today, and you can’t miss them out for anything in the world!

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