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One of the best new tower defense games and action games that we can offer you on our website is the game on the page of which you find yourself right at this moment, a game entitled Castle Defense, which we definitely recommend to everyone, as we have just had a great time with it ourselves, so we knew that bringing it over for you all is what needs to be done, and knowing our fanbase we are positive that there will be plenty of you who are going to have an amazing time with this game. This description will tell you more about what you have to do, so we recommend reading it before starting! Hordes of enemies are going to attack your castle, and you need to defend it from their attacks. To do so, you are going to use magic, so always try to find the right spells to use at the right time. Equip spells and magical items using the mouse, and then tap on the screen where and when you want to use them so that you defend yourself off from the enemy waves. Good luck, and we hope you stick around, since this day has only started, and more awesome games are on their way right now, just for you, and missing them is not worth it.

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