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Yes, we are not done bringing you new Cloud Games on our website today, just like we promised, which is why right now you are on the page of the Blocky Shapes game, a new puzzle game that we highly recommend to children of all ages from our website, since it is a game that makes you better in all sorts of ways, and we are also positive that you will enjoy playing it a lot, or we would not have brought it over in the first place. All that you need to know about how the game works is found in this description, so we recommend you read it before you start playing the game! There are three levels of difficulty the game can be played in: normal, hard, and insane. From the bottom of the screen you are going to pick up the Tetris blocks in different colors, and then with the mouse you are going to put them together, having to place them so that you form groups of multiple blocks in the same color, which then get removed, and in return you earn points. Good luck to you in all that, and we hope you stick around, because more awesome games are on their way right now, and it is not worth it to miss them!

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