AvmGames Escape The Duck

Mouse Interaction.

Game Details

Avm Escape The Duck is another point & click escape game developed by AvmGames. Your house holds many farm animals, although you don’t have a farm. Your parents received them as gifts from people whom they helped to have a farm. And since you have nowhere else to place these animals, they stay with you. You have a dog, a cat, some chickens and two ducks. These two ducks are inseparable. They always walk together and sometimes even play tricks together. Your backyard is their favorite hang out space. There they are just sitting or just poking their beaks on the ground. You hang out your clothes in your backyard because of the wide space. There was once a time when you were hanging out your clothes, when the two ducks decided to play by your leg. You had a hard time keeping your balance and you fell with a hearty laugh. You can’t see these two ducks separated from each other. Last night, your friend from a different part of the world called. You can’t let this chance pass, so you stayed up late. The next morning, you wake at the loud sound of a duck. You look out to see there’s only one. So you instantly run outside to look for the other one. The remaining duck is facing the forest so you enter immediately. Good luck and have fun!

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