AvmGames Escape Max

Mouse Interaction.

Game Details

Avm Escape Max is another point & click escape game developed by AvmGames. Max is your dog and he is the most loyal dog that you’ve ever had. Not only that: he is also super smart – especially when it comes to directions. Therefore you always take him to the forest with you, so that you won’t lose your way. One day, you tied Max at a tree while you were picking some fruits. But when you came back, he wasn’t there anymore…! His leash was there, but there was no sign of him…! Max is loyal, so you are sure that he never won’t run away from you. You had the intuition that he has been stolen… So you roamed the forest to find him. Thankfully you discovered Max – not far from where you were. However, he is locked up behind a door. Someone really stole him and tried to take him away from you. You have to find a way to help Max to escape. There is a lock at that door, so you have to look for items in the forest that you can use to unlock it. Good luck and have fun!

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