AvmGames Escape Hazardous House

Mouse Interaction.

Game Details

AVM Escape Hazardous House is another point & click escape game developed by AVMGames. You remembered you were walking so fast towards the place where you would be able to catch a cab. It was already dark, and there were very few people on the streets. You couldn’t see very clear at night – even with your glasses. Even before leaving your school, you already felt jittery about walking alone. But you chose to keep on going to reach home quickly. You felt fine at first, since you could still see a lot of people around, and they seemed to be having fun. But as you went farther away from the school, the people thinned out as well. You were walking under the streetlights, when you saw, from a distance, a man walking towards your direction. You really wanted to run, but you didn’t want to look scared. So you kept moving forward at a faster pace: your legs were hurting from walking speedily. The distance between you and the man was getting smaller and smaller. At the moment he was beside you, he abducted you and confined you in an abandoned house! You lost consciousness and found yourself alone in the house. This is your chance to look for an escape before your kidnapper will return. Good luck and have fun!

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