AvmGames Escape Grey House

Mouse Interaction.

Game Details

Avm Escape Grey House is another point & click escape game developed by AvmGames. What you want is a house, and the best color is grey. Grey has so many shades, so this fits for your house. This also fits your personality, and this is the reason why you are so in love with your house. You never want to go out, but there are times when you have to. Just like now: your fridge is almost empty. Because of this, you have to go out and refill your supplies. But the problem is that you can’t open the door. This house doesn’t need any key. There is a password that you have to type instead. However, you forgot what the password was. But you should not worry too much, because there are clues and hints that can help you to figure it out. However, there are puzzles around this house that you have to solve for you to complete the password. With this, you have to think very hard and use your logic to complete this one. There’s no one who can help you but yourself, so you have to do your best. Good luck and have fun!

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