AvmGames Escape Damaged Castle

Mouse Interaction.

Game Details

Avm Escape Damaged Castle is another point & click escape game developed by AvmGames. You believe in fairy tales. That’s why you went out to search for a castle in real life. It’s been years since you started your adventure, and you finally found what you were looking for. You saw an old castle in the woods, but there’s no one inside… It looks like the era of fairy tales is over, but the castle is one proof that it existed. You want to have a piece of this proof, so you entered the castle to capture some photos. You got what you want, but it looks like your mission is not over yet. Since this castle is very old and the hinges are rusty, you find it hard to open the door. Therefore, you have to look for a way to unlock the door so you can escape from this damaged castle. There are so many items in this castle that you can pick up and use to escape. Good luck and have fun!

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