AvmGames Escape Candy Land

Mouse Interaction.

Game Details

Avm Escape Candy Land is another point & click escape game developed by AvmGames. The Candyland is your favorite place on earth! This place is better than any of the amusement parks in the world! Because in Candyland, you can eat as much candy as you like. There are also chocolates, gumballs, and gummy bears. Name it and you’ll get it! This is your dreamland and you can forget all your problems whenever you’re there. However, there is a bad side in everything: because of too many candies, you go a high blood sugar. This hyperglycemia made you very energetic, but after digesting all that sugar, your energy level went down rapidly. You suddenly felt so tired that you fell asleep. And by the time you woke up, the Candyland was already closed. Now, this is a problem that you can face: the candies put you in this position, and the candies can also help you escape. Good luck and have fun!

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