Artwork Services

Desktop Publishing

Our team has the required skills and expertise to provide you with quality and accurate desktop publishing services. We help clients with a series of services including creating layouts for books and magazines, developing graphics, DTP photo editing services, DTP typesetting services, and more.

Magazine Layout

With years of experience in designing magazine layouts, we have the experience and capability to handle your entire layout process with ease. We leverage the latest design tools and technologies to provide you with top-quality magazine layouts that catch the attention of your audience.

Image Optimization and Vectorization

Heavy images take a lot of time to load and bandwidth and make the entire web experience slower for any customer. It is important to optimize and vectorize the image before it is uploaded to your website. Our creative team helps you with top-quality image optimization and vectorization within a short time.

Image to Vector Conversion

Image vectorization helps you to maintain high-quality images without getting pixelated or blurred when scaled to different sizes. Our creative team caters to all your image vectorization needs. We leverage the best and the latest tools and technologies to deliver impeccable image vectorization services.

Embroidery Digitizing

Digitizing existing artwork into embroidery files is crucial to your business expansion goals. Firstly, embroidery machines cannot function without digitized files. Secondly, converting image files into a sequence of instructions leads to faster TATs. Finally, it empowers you to provide seamless and high-quality customer service.

Book Layout Design

It is important to have an eye-catching layout design for your book which will attract your customers and compel them to buy it. We help you design some of the most attractive book layouts that stand out among others. Our highly skilled designers deliver professional artwork services.

Magazine Digitization Services

Magazines are increasingly moving to the digital domain, but there are heaps of print magazines that are yet to be digitized. We provide high-quality magazine digitization services that ensure your magazines are in electronic format and can be shared with your audience conveniently.

2D Art Services

Artwork outsourcing is an ideal way to leverage our top-class 2D art design services. We bank on a team of experienced and professional talents with complete know-how of 2D techniques for meeting the ongoing demand of clients.

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