About Us

Hi Gamers,

We are really happy to welcome you to the Mr. Thaya Entertain playground.  Mr. Thaya Entertain  is a whole new online gaming , ideally the right place for you to kick out stress and relax. The games we have can change your ‘now’ into a weekend. We have designed and managed content on this website in such a way that delivers fun, adventure, thrill, fantasy, humour and mystery. So grab your laptops and stay connected with Mr. Thaya Entertain.

We at Mr. Thaya Entertain work hard to provide gaming content that suits to people of all age and interests. Our motto is to provide sheer fun and entertainment to those who love games. There are currently many third party developers’ games in Mr. Thaya Entertain. Soon we would be launching our very own games that stays unique and more challenging. So no matter what game you play at Mr. Thaya Entertain, the result is ultimate gaming experience.

Mr. Thaya Entertain  would love to hear from you. Please leave us your valuable feedback about anything that your feel about Mr. Thaya Entertain. We would be more than happy to listen to it and act

You can unite with our site for free by enrolling yourself to have full fun and create a magnificent part in our site and win exciting levels of game play.

Have fun any time. 🙂

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